Health Solutions Globaliser: open for applications!

17 juni 2022

Scaling your health solution internationally can be a challenging endeavour: sales cycles tend to be long, reimbursement and procurement differs per market, and is the market ready for your innovative healthcare solution?

Picking the right market and building a solid and actionable internationalisation strategy for that market helps you increase your successes in (international) growth. Therefore, Dutch Basecamp is organising the third edition of the Globaliser Health Solutions together with Health~Holland, to help the selected companies prioritise which opportunities (not) to chase and how to successfully enter that new market abroad.

What will you get out of the programme?

  • Structured & validated approach in growing internationally
  • 1-on-1 coaching by an experienced entrepreneur
  • A validated target market
  • A GTM strategy for that market
  • A solid international roadmap for practical guidance on the next steps to take

Want to know more about the 12-week programme? Visit the website or take a look at the founder deck for more information.

Do you want to apply? That is possible here!


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