Where to start looking for the co-creation possibilities to develop a medical device?

Hello everyone here! We are currently working on a medical device idea that can help pregnant women with high-risk conditions be monitored at home. Kind of a new generation of ambulatory CTG. We have the patented core technology to develop such an idea and we are part of a program that will help us to prove our business case. We have seen that such developments often happen in a collaboration with hospitals, associations, or institutes. It will also help us to validate a bit of our idea to know if some potential partners are open to this or find it interesting. But we have no idea how to get in contact with the right people or associations. Help, please


Lieve Hendriks - 04 mei 2021 om 15:03

Hi Amparo,

Thanks for your community topic. I'm looking forward to hear which kind of program you're following to prove your business case ;) You write that you are looking for potential partners. Many hospitals have an innovation lab, you could contact them (maybe the hospital in your region) to discuss your idea and perhaps receive appropriate feedback. Good luck!

Boris Polm - 20 mei 2021 om 09:53

Hi Amparo, maybe we can help with the MedtechPartners network, where we connect innovators to collaboration partners. Let's discuss your needs!