NutrEvent 2021

25 januari 2021 - 28 januari 2021
Online, georganiseerd door Health Valley

Given the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, NutrEvent and AgeingFit organisers and its Steering Committee have concluded that the best option is to organise the event fully online.

Going online will allow us to fulfil our promise: to bring satisfaction to our participants and our partners in terms of meeting opportunities, deals achieved, partnerships launched… The digital format will also be decisive in overcoming existing travel restrictions and thus attracting as many international participants as possible.

Moreover, in order to enable more meeting opportunities and avoid “zoom-fatigue”, the duration of the event will be extended to 4 days rather than 2.

Therefore, AgeingFit and NutrEvent will be held online from January 25th to 28th, 2021.

The format has improved:

  • One month before the event, you will have full access to the list of BioFIT delegates and be able to pre-arrange video meetings with any attendees for the duration of the digital event.
  • Across these 4 days of event, you will be able to e-meet and network with these attendees from the comfort of your home office. The one-to-one partnering meetings will be possible 24H a day.
  • You will also have access, for the conferences and the pitch sessions, to a mix of live and on-demand content during those 4 days and available for 30 days afterwards; and you will also have the opportunity to debate with the speakers and pitchers via interactive online chats.
  • The virtual exhibition area will provide extra-visibility thanks to a customisable e-booth. The e-booth will provide further informal meeting opportunities in addition to your partnering pre-scheduled meetings. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch your videos, download your PDF documents, access to your web links…

Don’t forget to register your organisation. 

Please find attached the updated communication kit of the event. Don’t forget to update the dates on your website and to let your members know!

The registration fees to the events have been adjusted. But your code stays the same. As a reminder your members benefit from a 15% discount on the current fees!  Please find attached the updated brochure with the new prices. I would like to remind you that the pitches sessions are still open for registration until the end of next week. Don’t forget to let your members know.

AgeingFit and NutrEvent will have their own partnering platforms for the one-to-one meetings and will share a common exhibition area bringing together the AgeingFit exhibitors as well as the NutrEvent exhibitors.

You can count on our commitment to deliver the upcoming edition of the events in the best conditions and to guide you through this new configuration.