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Jonathan de Jonge

Medisch technologische innovaties
Jonathan Dennis de Jonge is co-founder and COO of ARTPred B.V., the Netherlands; a company in the field of reproduction which is known for its CE-certified personalized predictive test for IVF-outcome: ReceptIVFity.
Jonathan graduated from the University of Maastricht on Environmental Health Science, earned his PhD on immunomodulation, completed his education in Toxicology and Bio-business. He was schooled as a professional in licensing, negotiation, business model innovation and technology transfer.

Jonathan started as a scientist at Maastricht University and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment a.o. in the field of immunotoxicology. He earned his track-record as Business Developer specializing in startups and serial entrepreneur in numerous successful biotechnology start-ups.
Jonathan is the author of books, peer reviewed articles, reports and awarded business plans and is inventor of two patent applications.

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De ReceptIVFity test kan middels een innovatieve doorbraak met behulp van bacteriƫn verkregen door een vaginaal ingebracht wattenstaafje...