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Kirill Sokol

CEO, Founder, Skinive BV
CEO, Founder, Skinive BV
Medisch technologische innovaties
I'm a tech entrepreneur who has founded companies in IT & healthcare industries. I have a passion for creating innovative products from scratch and improving life and human health.

As a CEO of Skinive, I manage the company in general: strategy, product, and team. In addition, I work on new business opportunities and partnerships with medical institutions, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals as well as developers of Digital Health solutions. Currently, at Skinive, we are creating AI-Solutions (Apps / SDK / Cloud API) for tracking&asessment skin health using smartphone cameras and AI -

Innovaties die Kirill versnelt

Skinive - AI Dermatoloog-app

Met het eenvoudige gebruik van een smartphonecamera en AI-technologie hebben alle gebruikers direct toegang tot de allernieuwste technologie...