Upcoming! Globaliser Health Solutions

16 november 2023

Expanding your health solution on a global scale comes with significant challenges. These may include extended sales cycles, varying rules and regulations across different markets, or the specific requirements of local customers.

To enhance your prospects of international growth, it is crucial to select the appropriate market and develop a robust and practical strategy for internationalization. That's why we are excited to announce the sixth edition of Globaliser Health Solutions, held in collaboration with DutchBasecamp. This program aims to provide selected participants with a systematic approach to prioritize opportunities and effectively enter new markets overseas. Let’s meet to discuss what your situation is and how we can support you with it!

During the 12-week program from February 2024 - May 2024, you will:

  • Engage in an extensive analysis of your target market, enabling you to identify a validated beachhead market.
  • Formulate a tailored Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy specifically designed for the chosen beachhead market, while also creating a comprehensive market-entry playbook.
  • Access a global network of seasoned founders and experts who possess valuable international experience.
  • Establish a robust international roadmap that offers practical guidance for navigating the subsequent stages of your expansion journey.

Wondering how the Globaliser can contribute to your plans and challenges? Get in touch with them! Learn more about how you can apply to Globaliser Health Solutions.

About DutchBasecamp 
At DutchBasecamp we are fully geared towards the international growth of startups and scale-ups. We have developed proprietary tools and a methodology which we apply in our programmes to support startups and scale-ups with internationalization.

DutchBasecamp is the founder of internationalization acceleration program “the Globaliser”, and we offer individual coaching from our team of more than 20 experienced coaches (all of them are entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience), masterclasses, demand-driven trade missions and Go-to-Market programs, and provide entrepreneurs with access to our extensive global network.

We have helped over 720 startups and scale-ups from over 35 different countries with their international expansion. We organised 21 Globalisers (both online, offline and hybrid) for verticals such as agri-food tech, health tech, smart logistics, smart manufacturing, urban development, SaaS and sustainable tech. Furthermore, we have hosted international expansion masterclasses for organisations such as EIT Food, Birdhouse Accelerator and Business Metropole Ruhr, and online training sessions for trade and investment promotions agencies to help them become better startup and scale-up advisors.

Source: DutchBasecamp

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