Open for Application: Health Solutions Globaliser

05 december 2022

Scaling your health solution internationally is challenging. This can be a result: long sales cycles, different rules & regulation per market or other needs of the local customers.

Picking the right market and building a solid and actionable internationalisation strategy for that market helps you increase your success in (international) growth. Therefore, we are organising the fourth edition of the Globaliser Health Solutions together with Health Holland, to support selected participants with a structured approach to prioritise which opportunities (not) to chase and how to successfully enter that new market abroad. Let’s meet to discuss your situation!

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A 12-week programme

  • Introduction - Kick-off
    • Get to know your fellow participants
    • Scan of internationalisation bottlenecks
  • Phase 1 - Market opportunity
    • Comparing and selecting target markets
    • Market Opportunity Analysis (Attractiveness and Fit)
    • Data validation
  • Phase 2 - Go-To Market Strategy
    • Create lean GTM Strategies for target markets
    • People & Partner strategy
    • Value Proposition & Localisation
  • Phase 3 - Building the Business Case
    • ​​​​​​​Organisational structure and setup
    • Relative cost comparison
    • Budgeting for internationalisation
    • Building international roadmap
  • D-Day - Assembling the Roadmap
    • ​​​​​​​Validated target market
    • Validated GTM Strategy for market
    • Scalable organisational structure
    • Clear action list to start international expansion

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Source: Dutch Basecamp

Afbeelding van een bureaublad met een telefoon, stethoscoop en nog een hoekje van een laptop in beeld. Een blauwe gloed eroverheen, en daarop de tekst: Globaliser Health Solutions. Linksonderin staat het logo van Dutch Basecamp, daarnaast de tekst 'Supported by' en het logo van Health~Holland.