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14 juni 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of HealthTech! YES!Delft and the leading international academic hospital Erasmus Medical Centre are proud to announce a joint invitation to startups to join us on a mission to revolutionize Healthcare and enhance the work of caregivers, nurses, and hospital staff. 

HealthTech is a growing field that combines the power of technology with Healthcare to deliver innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by patients, caregivers, and Healtcare providers.

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Startup Program

Our program is focused on identifying and supporting startups with the most promising ideas in the Health & Care Tech space. We are looking for startups with technological solutions that improve patients’ quality of life, reduce caregivers’ workload, and increase Healthcare providers’ efficiency.

We are looking for solutions in the following focus areas: 

  • Caregiver resilience; improving the safety, comfort and health of nurses 
  • An efficient hospital; logistics to ensure better productivity and recycling processes 
  • Sustainable care; reducing the hospitals’ climate impact
  • Hospital at Home / Remote Care


We believe that innovation is key to solving some of the most pressing challenges in Healthcare, and we are excited to see what startups can bring to the table. Whether you are in the validation phase or already have a product in development, we encourage you to apply and join us in the Health & Care Tech Startup Program.

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To apply for this program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 2 committed founders
  • Your technology needs to be at TRL 3-5
  • Your innovation needs to be applicable in a hospital environment
  • Familiar with CE-marking processes & hospital deployment

What is in it for you?

The participants will join a variety of masterclasses and coaching sessions during an exciting and custom made program. They will navigate the Erasmus MC by working with nurses, decision makers and experts throughout the program and will get connected to investors. Working with this leading academic hospital unlocks opportunities to further develop the company and product. At the end of the program up to 3 companies may be selected for a collaboration or pilot to further scale their business.

Let’s work together and transform the future of Healthcare!

Source: Yes!Delft