Reset harnesses the power of the break to turn rest and 
recovery into a performance enhancing tool by combining your wearable sensor data with scientifically based immersive experiences to help optimize your mental and physical state. The aim is to ‘reset’ the mind and body for users to manage stress and feel rebalanced, refocused or re-energized. 

Medisch technologische innovaties
Regio Noord-Holland
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The Reset Pod is a living lab to help us get real-time data and feedback. We've built 2 different physical pod prototypes to test the biofeedback and immersive experiences. We piloted the Reset Pod at Salone del Mobile, one of the largest designed fairs in the world. We also received funding from the RVO which helped us refine a commercial pod design, build our data model and do user testing. We look for expertise, development partnerships and investors to help us accelerate our roadmap. We are clear on the next steps and want to capitalize on our potential impact.