PJM® RFID Blood Safety system


PJM Blood Safety

Unlike other types of RFID technologies, PJM RFID is entirely unaffected by blood which makes it ideal for tracking blood. PJM RFID provides high speed, reliability of operation and 100% accuracy for blood tracking.

SATO VICINITY’s industry leading RFID Tunnel and Fridge readers provide reliable and 100% accurate tracking of blood supply chain and management of blood inventory.

SATO VICINITY’s StackTags® technology allows whole blood, plasma, platelets and other related products to be tracked as bulk shipments, or closely stacked in cool storage, without any reduction in performance.

Providing 100% accuracy with mass-scale reading, it is designed for dynamic situations where items are stacked or stored in any orientation.

Instant Visibility
High Speed Data Rates - The unique reply system implemented in PJM products enables tags to be read virtually immediately.
Close Stacking- Our PJM Stacktag® inlets are specially designed so that they are able to be identified, read and written to when stacked closely together
Orientation Insensitive – Our range of tunnel and desktop readers power tags in three dimensions, enabling them to be read in any orientation

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