Ivy Medical


Ivy Medical is a Groningen-based MedTech company. Our mission is to make a significant impact on healthcare quality by reinventing infusion therapy.

Our NextGen wearable infusion pump, the Ivy Duo +, frees patients from the infusion pole, enabling improved mobilization and autonomy. Our unique pumping system allows nurses to schedule and reduce their workload significantly. We expect to launch our product in collaboration with Radboudumc (Academic Hospital Nijmegen) in early 2024.

Starting in 2017 as a spin-off from UMCG (Academic Hospital Groningen), Ivy Medical has grown into a well-known brand within the innovative MedTech sector. Together with our partners, our highly skilled development team is determined to deliver a product that will be recognized for its peerless usability and safety.

Medisch technologische innovaties
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