INF Robitics, Rudy


INF Robotics Inc. will disrupt the $16.1 Billion tele-home & tele-medicine market with
its robotic caregiver platform. The caregiver robot will provide communication to
caregivers from the safety, security and convenience of the user’s home, medication
reminders as well as assistive and safety features to enhance the user’s at-home
experience. The caregiver robot will provide more features than current solutions on the
market and at a more competitive price.
We have developed an affordable (<$5000) home healthcare robot designed for users to provide telecommunication capabilities to doctors from any room
in their home. Rudy will provide assistive and safety features that will allow seniors to age in place and maintain their independence. Examples are OCoM(overloading center of mass) alleviation, SCO(Safety Call Out) in the event the senior falls and (MTrack) to
ensure medication is taken. Rudy can communicate with the senior via verbal commands and respond back as well as intelligently navigate the senior's living space. The companionship component of the robot has proven very valuable to seniors in our 8 months of focus group testing.

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