Grush, The Gaming Toothbrush


Solution: The Grush (Patent Pending) platform makes brushing visible for kids and turns brushing into a fun game. This interactive game rewards kids for proper brushing technique. Parents are provided with a method to monitor kids’ brushing. Detailed brushing data is stored in the cloud for parent and dentist data access.

The Grush Platform allows kids to visualize their tooth brushing by using advanced human machine interface technology. It consists of the Grush tooth brush, Grush Compatible Android/iOS games and apps, and the Grush Cloud. The brushing process is transformed into a game by using the motion input from the brush. Brushing data is stored for analysis and mentoring by parents and dentists.

The Grush Brush is an advanced human machine interface device containing a nine degrees of freedom (9DoF) digital motion processing sensor as well as a wireless transmitter. The motion data is sent to Grush Apps in real-time. It is battery powered and waterproof. The Grush Brush is designed to be easy to use for children as young as three years of age.

Grush Apps are interactive games and apps that receive motion data from Grush Brush and integrate it with a simulated image of teeth or a game theme. The games are designed to guide the child’s brushing technique according to American Dental Association’s child brushing recommendations. The child can battle monsters, fly spaceships, or ride a pony while being instructed in the ideal brush position and duration of brushing.

The Grush Cloud stores brushing data of each user for parental tracking/monitoring. Detailed brushing statistical data are provided to dentists. The Grush Cloud also provides an online gaming community for kids. Targeted advertisements are also pushed from the Grush Cloud to Grush Apps.

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