BIO Japan | Life Sciences & Health Mission

06 oktober 2024 - 10 oktober 2024
Tokyo & Osaka, Japan

Japan has a population of approximately 125.3 million people. The country has a highly skilled workforce, technological capabilities, and a reputation for innovation in sectors such as healthcare and elderly care. However, Japan’s population is ageing faster than any other countries in the world. Interested in the trends, developments and opportunities within the Japanese Life Sciences & Health sector? Then join our LSH mission to Tokyo and Osaka!

When: 6-10 October, 2024
Where: Tokyo & Osaka
For: Digital Health, Healthy Ageing and MedTech

Facing the unique challenges of a super-ageing society, Japan, the world’s third-largest economy and health market, is investing in health technologies and foreign expertise to manage rising healthcare costs and labor productivity issues. This opens a broad spectrum of opportunities for global companies in medical devices, care solutions for the elderly, and medical ICT innovations. From interventional cardiology equipment and orthopaedic implants to telemedicine and data security, Japan seeks partnerships to enhance its healthcare infrastructure, improve care coordination, and support ageing individuals’ independence. This scenario presents an exciting opportunity for companies with cutting-edge healthcare solutions to enter a growing market that values quality and innovation, contributing to Japan’s healthcare evolution and tapping into a significant global health market.

What to expect?

The objective of the LSH mission includes to equip interested Dutch companies with a comprehensive understanding of the market to strategize their optimal entry. Understanding the evolving trends, demands, challenges, and opportunities in the Japanese market is crucial for adapting strategies and capitalizing on emerging market dynamics.

The LSH mission aligns with the planning process for the upcoming Osaka Expo 2025, which has the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” As the Netherlands actively participates in the expo and focuses on the LSH sector, this fact-finding mission will provide valuable insights for planning the pavilion’s content and ensuring a meaningful and impactful presence at the expo. A proactive strategy will be employed, entailing thorough preparation of participants prior to the visit and a rigorous follow-up afterward to sustain progress leading up to 2025.

After this trade mission, you will be able to strengthen your…

… knowledge of opportunities for your specific product/service in Japan.
… entry strategy/sales & marketing strategy for your specific product/service.
… network of key opinion leaders and possible partners in the Japanese care sector.
… (further) develop projects and/or sustainable business relationships in Japan.


The program is still under development but will include the following elements:

  • Intake call & introduction: to increase the quality and success of the mission, an individual intake call and a joint preparation session will be organized.
  • Site visits in Tokyo and Osaka, to public and private hospitals and clinics and relevant health networks.
  • Health seminar including key stakeholders from Tokyo and surrounding areas on how to do business in Japan; the private and public healthcare system, technology trends and possible collaboration opportunities in themes centered around Digital Health, Healthy Ageing and MedTech.
  • Meetings and round tables with key stakeholders in Tokyo and Osaka.

The mission aligns with the Bio Japan. If interested, participants can visit the Bio Japan after the mission at own convenience.

Register now!

Participation fee

This announcement offers the opportunity to pre-register for the upcoming trade mission to Japan. It is expected that RVO will publish the trade mission on their website later this year.

Typically, a participation fee of € 500 applies for RVO Trade missions.

Source: TFHC